Monday, January 14, 2013

Instantaneous diversity assessment?

We have an upcoming event this Friday with Scitech, a spot in the city of Perth that aims to make science cool for kids to enjoy, discover and learn. Scitech brings kids out of their center and into the real wild world, to engage with people doing the real science out there. And as we marine ecologists at the UWA Fish Ecology Lab love to show what we do, especially when we get a chance to inspire a new generation, we decided to take the challenge on and bring the kids into our office. A full report will come after the event but I wanted to share this image from my preparation last weekend. A twenty minute bike ride and half an hour exploration got me the bounty in the above image at O'Connor beach in Freo. Got me thinking about instantaneous sampling of gastropods and bivalves at remote and beautiful beaches. Cheap, exploratory, calming and rewarding research: I think I might have gotten onto a secret!

For now, I collect for the kiddies to enjoy and discover the different shapes, colors, angles and textures that even as a thirty one year old woman, blow my mind away. In the future, perhaps I can get away with beach sampling the entire tropical world.

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